Web and Print by Glenn

Web & Print by Glenn’s objective is to make it as easy as possible for the supply of printed material and website design (or web redesign) in a timely and cost effective manner.
I want businesses to have a great experience and to come back to Web & Print by Glenn again.


I have spent time forming partnerships with quality printers whose product and pricing reflects my own approach . . . good prices for a quality product.


After more than 30 years in the print design field I have the experience and background to happily produce and supply printed material for any business in any industry and the design of websites is no different, in fact I absolutely enjoy it.
All of my work is professionally proof read. There are no errors or typo’s. As for deadlines, I simply don’t miss deadlines! This is an ingrained rule from Day 1, all those years ago.


Another rule that is ingrained is ‘communication’. Client contact during production is vital and leads to confidence with both client and supplier.
My clients always know what is happening and at what stage their project is at.
As a professional, I treat your project with care and respect from start of project to completion.


My pricing for both printing and website design is quite affordable. Once a quote is submitted it doesn’t change. There should never be ‘hidden extras’ that suddenly appear on an invoice.
If there is ever a reason to amend the quote during production, the client is always contacted and the reason discussed and explained.


Smooth out your concerns for your business or web needs. Chat with me and I’m sure your concern will ease.
In short . . . after thinking about your business’s printing needs or you are planning a web site for your business and you need to start to put it into play, reach for the phone or email me for a chat.
I’m happy to shoot the breeze and advise or assist in any way possible.
I know my craft, I know I can help.

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