Web and Print by Glenn

Web & Print by Glenn’s objective is to make it as easy as possible for the supply of printed material and website design (or web redesign) in a timely and cost effective manner.
I want businesses to have a great experience and to come back to Web & Print by Glenn again.


I have spent time forming partnerships with quality printers whose product and pricing reflects my own approach . . . good prices for a quality product.


After more than 30 years in the print design field I have the experience and background to happily produce and supply printed material for any business in any industry and the design of websites is no different, in fact I absolutely enjoy it.
All of my work is professionally proof read. There are no errors or typo’s. As for deadlines, I simply don’t miss deadlines! This is an ingrained rule from Day 1, all those years ago.


Another rule that is ingrained is ‘communication’. Client contact during production is vital and leads to confidence with both client and supplier.
My clients always know what is happening and at what stage their project is at.
As a professional, I treat your project with care and respect from start of project to completion.


My pricing for both printing and website design is quite affordable. Once a quote is submitted it doesn’t change. There should never be ‘hidden extras’ that suddenly appear on an invoice.
If there is ever a reason to amend the quote during production, the client is always contacted and the reason discussed and explained.


Smooth out your concerns for your business or web needs. Chat with me and I’m sure your concern will ease.
In short . . . after thinking about your business’s printing needs or you are planning a web site for your business and you need to start to put it into play, reach for the phone or email me for a chat.
I’m happy to shoot the breeze and advise or assist in any way possible.
I know my craft, I know I can help.

Spend More on Website Design Melbourne

Why It’s Worth it to Spend More on Website Design Melbourne

If you have been looking for a company that does website design Melbourne, you might have come across a lot of options that advertised themselves as being really cheap. You might have even come across tempting programs that are supposed to design your website for you without the need to hire a professional. Even though it can certainly be tempting to look for a cheap way out when working on your website design Melbourne, you might find that it’s worth it to spend a little more. Here’s why.

Give Your Site a More Professional Look

For one thing, the last thing that you probably want to skimp on when it comes to your GMG web design Melbourne is professionalism. If your site doesn’t look professional, then it can be hard for people to take your company seriously. By spending a little bit more now, you can ensure that your site has a custom look and that it’s able to keep up with the websites of your competitors. This alone can make it worth it to put a little more money into your website budget.

Make Sure Your Site is Secure

Another thing that you should consider when paying someone for website design Melbourne is how secure your site is going to be. This is particularly important if you are going to be accepting orders for your customers online or if you are going to be taking down personal information for any other reason. By spending a little bit more, you can help ensure that your site is as secure as possible. This can be important to your customers.

Cut Down on Future Problems

All sorts of things can go wrong with a website. With the right website design Melbourne, however, you can help prevent your site from being glitchy. Spending a little more on a good server is also important if you’d like to minimize downtime and make sure that your site is as reliable as possible at all times.

As you can see, it can be worth it to spend a little more on website design Melbourne rather than trying to take the cheap route. Of course, it still pays to compare different website design Melbourne companies so that you can ensure that you are getting a reasonable deal, but if you can set aside a little more money in your budget for your site, you might find that it’s worth it for these reasons and more.

Strategies Of Web Design Melbourne

Strategies Of Web Design Melbourne Firms

Every web design Melbourne firm has a different philosophy of design. Some focus heavily on keyword density and appearance. Others believe that’s not enough and go full force into social media marketing. Still, others believe that a mobile app can sometimes give your small business the spark it needs to reach the height of its success. Here are a few of the most important areas that web design Melbourne firms focus on when they go to work on a website.

Social media marketing

This has become one of the most important areas of online success. Many GMG web firms now employ an aggressive social media marketing strategy that may even include a full-time social media manager to grow your business. Not only does it give you a way to communicate with your customers or visitors at all times, but it gives you a chance to increase your reach online. Brand building is always important and social media marketing hits hard in this area.

Mobile apps

Many of today’s best web design Melbourne firms believe in building a mobile version of any client’s website. This makes good sense, especially if your website’s business is something located in the real world, such as a comic book shop in Melbourne. In this case, having a mobile application can help your customers locate your service easily and find out when you have a sale going on when they’re actually near the store. Web design Melbourne is even more successful when it’s also mobile.

Interactive websites

Not every web design Melbourne firm will believe in interactivity within a website’s design but some of them want customers to be able to interact with a site in the form of feedback comments, forum discussions, ratings, and surveys. It will be up to the particular web design Melbourne firm to decide how important this is when it comes to design, but many firms these days want customers to feel like they’re a true part of your website. This helps to give you real time customer feedback about what you have to offer or say.

All of these components are things that different web design Melbourne agencies will consider before going to work on your site’s design. The best of all firms will offer each one of these services and more, tailoring your marketing and web design Melbourne strategy to your company’s specific needs over the years.

Website Design Melbourne

Website Design Melbourne Is A Long-Term Investment In Your Business

Website design Melbourne provides an important service to businesses like yours in the city by helping them to develop an Internet presence that positively reflects their brand. Consumers will learn about your company and its products through your website, therefore, it is vital to make a good first impression. Give visitors a poor impression; they will visit one of your competitor’s websites instead.

While it is tempting to cut costs and build your website yourself, professional website design in Melbourne will create a site with the ideal colors, elements and images that are designed to appeal to your target audience and reinforce your brand image. Branding is important if you want to present a consistent image across your digital and print channels. If you do not have an established brand yet, web design firms can assist you with brand development as well.

By building a responsive website, the experts at a GMG web design Melbourne firm will ensure that mobile visitors, regardless of their device’s screen size, can access your website easily. Since local businesses rely on mobile traffic to find new customers, a responsive website is essential today.

Expertly-developed, polished e-commerce businesses need website design Melbourne to represent their retail business, as a well-designed site builds trust among potential customers. You will also receive a website with an intuitive menu and a fully functional search feature that helps customers find products easily. Web design firms have expertise in creating secure checkouts, an essential feature if you want customers to provide payment information.

Depending on your comfort level with performing updates to your website, website design Melbourne companies will create your website on a content management system, such as WordPress, and show you how to update the content and images yourself or they will perform updates at your request. Website design Melbourne firms may offer maintenance contracts as well.

Website design in Melbourne varies in price. A one-page contact website for a local business is generally less expensive than a multi-page e-commerce website with numerous interactive features, which is why website design Melbourne firms quote prices once they have discovered your requirements.

Where website design Melbourne is concerned, do not cut corners. An authoritative, credible website will bring you additional business, so it is an investment, not an expense.